NPR: Lessons in Love For Generation Snapchat


"Another school that's trying to answer the call is The Urban school, a private high school in San Francisco. Health teacher Shafia Zaloom says she too was alarmed by teens' social struggles and their belief that they "can build relationships over Snapchat or Instagram." So she started a kind of "Dating 101" curriculum that covers things as basic as how to ask someone out. In one recent class, students brainstormed out loud."

THE WASHINGTON POST: Maryland weighs teaching ‘yes means yes’ as part of sex ed


“A lot of people push back and say, ‘This is so awkward,’ ” said Shafia Zaloom, who teaches human sexuality at the Urban School of San Francisco and has created an affirmative-consent curriculum for other schools to use.

THE WEEK: How To Talk To Your Kids About Sex 

JUNE 2016

"Parents need to be talking to kids comprehensively about sex in general,"says Shafia Zaloom, teacher and noted sex education expert. "Not just about the mechanics of sexuality, but how to treat people. How to take care of themselves. How to have healthy, happy, and rich relationships throughout their lives."

CONNECTIONS.MIC: The Key to Curbing Campus Sexual Assault Lies in High School Health Class

APRIL 2016

"Zaloom's classes don't just teach the basics of sex ed - reproductive anatomy, menstruation, STIs - but address the questions and experiences teens face on a day-to-day basis. Rather than lecture, she encourages students to speak frankly about sexual identity, hook-up culture, and healthy relationships."

KLAW City Visions: Exploring changes to sex education in California


"November 9, 2015. In October Governor Brown signed two laws making changes to California's requirements for sex education in high schools. Join our conversation about what sex ed should look like and where it should happen."

THE NEW YORK TIMES: Sex Ed Lesson: ‘Yes Means Yes,’ but It’s Tricky


"Consent from the person you are kissing - or more - is not merely silence or a lack of protest, Shafia Zaloom, a health educator at the Urban School of San Francisco, told the students. They listened raptly, but several did not disguise how puzzled they felt."

TODAY: ‘Yes means yes’ law spotlights consent in sex ed classes


“Affirmative consent” – the idea that a partner must give explicit permission before a sexual encounter can move forward – will now be a mandatory lesson in health classes across California. It’s part of the nationwide effort to stem sexual assaults among young people. TODAY’s Erica Hill reports."